Located in the rear of 48 W. Main Street (Rear) in Logan, OH and beautifully situated in the Hocking Hills, the Appalachian Listening Room has become a premiere stopping place for touring songwriters since it opened in October of 2016.  

We offer no menu.  Just free cookies, water, and coffee at this point.  The room seats 40-65, depending upon how it is situated, and most choose to sit on couches rather than the very comfortable chairs we also feature.

SONGWRITERS:  Please submit your material on audio and video to appalachianlisteningroom@gmail.com for consideration!

Here are the dates for the 2018-2019 Season:  (All shows at 7:30 PM)


September 9     Jessica Baldwin
October 11        Korby Lenker
October 13        Wykle & Cummins
November 8      Todd Burge
December 13    Steve Zarate, Mary Miller
January 10         Telina Frye
February 7         Dan Heidt
March 14            Matt Munhall
April 11               RJ Cowdery
May 9                  Thor Platter
May 18                Bob Dylan Tribute