10 Rules for a Supremely Successful House Concert

1.  The living room is best.  If it's just too small, a local coffeehouse or fellowship hall will also work.
2.  12-24 is the ideal audience at a house concert.  Many more makes for an uncomfortable evening.
3.  Light refreshments are better than a big meal.  A fruit plate or a cheese plate (or both) is perfect.
4.  Let your guests know they are coming to a listening venue.  It's not background music for a loud party.  It's important for the message to be heard.
5.  House concerts should typically begin around 7 and end around 9.  Craig will typically play for 45 minutes, take 10 to meet the folks, and then close with another set which will always end with a stories of healing.  If on Saturday, a morning concert can also work.
6.  Seating can be a cleared out living room with pillows on the floor, couches and chairs, or theater style with folding chairs.  Just make sure everyone is comfortable.
7.  I will have the folks come up for a picture at the end to help me document our march toward "10,000 Faces".  This is voluntary, of course.
8.  Be an enthusiastic host!!!  Your guests will reflect you in the expectation department.
9.  Get firm commitments from your guests.  Attendance will also benefit if guests are part of the evening.  Have your guests help provide refreshments.
10.  Don't book a House Concert on Christmas Day.  :)